Nursing at Saint Francis

Why work at Saint Francis? 

"The advanced technology at Saint Francis helps me deliver care faster and more efficiently." More... 

"Saint Francis scheduling flexibility means I can care for my patients - and my family." More... 

Nursing at Saint Francis is more than just a job. It’s heartfelt service in a dynamic, life-affirming environment, where our top priority is the health and personalized care of each and every patient. Our programs of education and advancement in the nursing profession will help build you into the caregiver you always dreamed you could become. It’s an exciting and rewarding life for nurses and nursing students who are ready for the challenge. Does that sound like you? Apply now! 

Nursing Stories

Nursing Mission and Vision

Saint Francis Hospital nurses will create BestCare for a LifetimeTM by contributing to an excellent patient experience through scholarly scientific inquiry, compassion for the human spirit and mind, advocacy for the patient and families, and collaboration with all those who touch our patient.

Nurses at Saint Francis will coordinate patient-centered, evidence-based, interdisciplinary care to all patients and families in a safe environment, while supporting creativity, risk-taking, and professional growth and development. Nurses at Saint Francis will be influential in contributing to positive patient outcomes.

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