The Joan C. Dauber Food Bank at Saint Francis

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If you would like to donate food, request food or donate your time to the Joan C. Dauber Food Bank at Saint Francis, please call Joan Dauber at (860) 714-2845 

If you would like to make a monetary donation to the Joan C. Dauber Food Bank at Saint Francis, please call Whitney Dionne at (860) 714-5174 or email 

Donate to Saint FrancisSome Facts About Our Food Bank

  • Opened in 1976
  • 1st hospital-based food bank in the nation
  • Serves over 1,200 families each month
  • Distributes over 139 tons of food annually
  • Serving over 1,600 families at Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas
  • Hospital employees have raised over $10,000 -- just for the holiday food drive
  • A proud partner of
    Diaper bank 

About the Food Bank

Food For Thought  

Last year, the Joan C. Dauber Food Bank at Saint Francis distributed over 139 tons of food, as well as clothing, toys, and household items. In fact, Joan's closet seems to be almost bottomless. "We always have somebody who can use something," she reports. "Bottom line: it's trying to help meet the basic needs. Because if we can help you have those things, then we can educate you and you become a more productive citizen."

When asked exactly where the tons of food come from, Joan laughs, "I run with a hope and prayer sometimes." She explains that about three-quarters of the food is obtained through Foodshare. Founded in 1982, Foodshare is the local affiliate of Feeding America, a national network of food banks around the US. Feeding America started in the 1970's in Phoenix, and is now headquartered in Chicago. The Joan C. Dauber Food Bank at Saint Francis receives free donated food, and purchases bulk food at low cost through Foodshare. Trucks from the Environmental Services department at Saint Francis transport the goods from Foodshare to the food bank's location on Tower Avenue. "If it wasn't for Foodshare, there would be no way we could exist," says Joan.

Other food comes from efforts such as the annual Walk Against Hunger, and donations collected by Hartford Public Schools, who add about 8,000 pounds to the Food Bank each year. And Joan is quick to point out that there is abundant evidence of generosity all around: volunteers who help with the program, stores that donate bags, Saint Francis employees who regularly contribute food and money and quietly take care of finding an odd refrigerator, some shelving or a set of double doors for the food storage room. Then there are all the people who have been helped by the food bank who return with donations for someone else. "Whatever I don't have to buy is a blessing," she says.

To Donate Food, Request Food or Volunteer Your Help   

Please contact Joan Dauber at (860) 714-2845.  

To Make a Monetary Donation   

If you would like to make a financial donation, call Whitney Dionne at (860) 714-5174 or email at