Student Nurses - Internship Program

The Student Nurse Internship is an 8-week program designed to provide baccalaureate nursing students entering their senior year with the opportunity for clinical practice in a supportive learning environment. Interns are assigned to a Registered Nurse preceptor on a particular clinical unit. Nurse Educators meet with the interns and their preceptors regularly throughout the summer.  Interns also participate in educational sessions on a variety of clinical issues and professional development topics. The internship provides nursing students with coaching and mentoring that will build confidence in patient care, critical thinking, time management, priority setting, and clinical decision-making. Student nurse interns become valuable members of the patient care team.  

Applications are accepted from November to February of each year.


The program will provide students with the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to the clinical setting by:   

  • Encouraging them to function as a member of the multidisciplinary health care team  
  • Enhancing communication and relationship skills  
  • Strengthening assessment and clinical skills 
  • Beginning the transition from student nurse to professional nurse  


  • Current student, in good standing, in an accredited BSN program  
  • Successful completion of the medical/surgical rotation  
  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty (one must be clinical faculty) 
  • Official transcript  
  • Essay  
  • Successful completion of the SFHMC application process  
  • Successful completion of orientation and validation of skills required  

Opportunities Beyond the Summer Internship Program   

  • Per Diem employment during the school year as available based on institutional needs  
  • Many student nurse interns transition into graduate nurse residency following graduation and passing NCLEX  

At Saint Francis you will experience...   

  • Mentoring from our professional nursing staff 
  • Professional collaboration with student nurse intern colleagues 
  • Educational seminars related to clinical and professional topics 
  • Teamwork in a nurturing, supportive learning environment  
  • Being a valued member of the healthcare team  

Internships are available in several clinical areas including:   

  • Intensive Care  
  • Emergency Department  
  • Oncology  
  • Medical/Surgical  
  • Women/Infants   
  • Behavioral Health  
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Telemetry  
  • Orthopedics