Appointments and Insurance Information

To make an appointment, simply call:

Medical Oncology: (860) 714-4680 

Radiation Oncology: (860) 714-4568 

Insurance Information

At the Cancer Center, we make every effort to help you handle insurance. The following describes the Cancer Center's policy with regard to insurance billing. Even though the Center will bill the insurance company for you, you may continue to receive a monthly statement from us to keep you informed of the status of your account.

Co-pays, where appropriate, are expected at the time of your visit.

HMO/Managed Care
HMO/managed care insurance plans sometimes require referral forms from your primary care physician before you visit the Cancer Center. Please obtain these forms before any visit.

PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)/HMO (Health Maintenance Organization)
The Cancer Center is currently on several PPO/HMO provider panels. Most PPO/HMO's require pre-authorization for treatment by our specialists. You are responsible for contacting your PPO/HMO or primary care physician to obtain pre-authorization for any treatment. This must be done before actual treatment is rendered. Please obtain the required referral forms before your first visit. You are also responsible for the necessary referral forms for future visits that are not covered by your first referral. 

The Cancer Center's physicians are participants in the Medicare program. This means the Medicare payment check will be sent directly to the Center. We will accept the charge and the amount approved. Medicare, however, only pays 80% of most approved charges. You will be responsible for both the annual Medicare deductible and the other 20% of the amount approved.

Medicare Supplement Insurance
The Cancer Center codes your claims filed with Medicare so they will forward your balance to your secondary insurance if it is part of the Medigap system. You will be responsible to follow up with your secondary insurance carrier to ensure payment is rendered. Please note that these claims are not billed to your secondary from our office.

Blue Cross/ Blue Shield
The Cancer Center physicians participate in some of the Blue Cross/Blue Shield programs. Please check with our office staff for information if you have a Blue/Cross Shield policy. They will be able to tell you if we participate in your program, and how your claims will be handled.

Commercial Health Insurance
The Center will file your commercial insurance for you. To authorize payment, the business office staff will ask you to sign a form at the time of your visit. Please note that you are responsible for all balances after reimbursement from your insurance.

Secondary Insurance Policies
The Cancer Center will file the remaining balance of your account to your secondary insurance as a courtesy for you. You will be responsible to follow up with your secondary insurance company to ensure payment is rendered promptly.

The Center participates in Medicaid. Your valid Medicaid card should be presented to the business office at each visit.

Other Billing Information
There are two fees required for diagnostic x-rays. The Cancer Center bills the technical fee. The radiologist's professional interpretation fee is billed by a group of consulting physicians from area hospitals who provide radiology services to the Cancer Center.

Also, you and/or your insurance may be billed by an outside laboratory for lab tests sent out from the center for interpretation. Inquiries about referral lab billings may be made directly to the referring lab performing the test.